Clash of Clans Guide – Choosing The Right Troops

Here is a brief summary of the various troops you will use in Clash of Clans:

Tier 1:


The Barbarian is the first unit to be unlocked in the barracks. As ground troops go, they are generally well-balanced all around. They have a tendency to attack the closest buildings in sight. They are however, quite weak at taking down walls.

The barbarians are pretty efficient attacking in groups or hordes as they are cheap and easy to produce. They are efficient in swarm tactics. And though a single barbarian can easily fall, groups of them can act as a poor man’s giant, taking some hits before they all fall.


The first ranged unit to be released in the barracks. Archers have much less hit points than barbarians or giants. Because of this they are not so good as distracting troops as they can easily be killed. They can however fire over walls and have good range in their attacks. Keep them at a good distance and use their range to your advantage.


The goblin has low hit points as well, but more than makes up for it with his speed. The goblin is the fastest ground troop in the game and is excellent for triggering traps, and looting enemy bases.

Tier 2:


Giants are great for soaking damage and distracting enemy defenses because of their high hit points. This is balanced out by their slow movement and susceptibility to traps.

Wall breaker

The wall breaker will attack enemy walls, making cracks for other troops to get inside the enemy village. They are suicide troops, killing themselves to take down enemy walls. When they blow up and die, they deal splash damage to a wide area. They are great to use with the giants.


Balloons are wall breakers, only dealing damage from the air by dropping bombs. They are the first aerial troops to be unlocked in the game. When they are destroyed, they still deal splash damage. They are also the slowest troops in the game.


Similar to the archer, only shooting frieballs that deal more damage. The wizard can deal ranged and splash damage. The wizard however, needs a lot of support because of his low hit points.

Tier 3:


A flying unit that heals troops from above. She has relatively high hit points but has no attack abilities so can also be easily taken out.


The dragon is a very strong aerial unit. It has a lot of hit points and can deal splash and ranged damage from the air. They are essential in high level combat and don’t really have any glaring weaknesses.


She has the strongest armor and damage among the elixir based troops. However she is quite expensive and training time for her is relateively long. She does have a weakness against electric attacks.

Dark Elixir troops


minionThe minion is a relatively cheap dark elixir aerial troop that attacks by spitting dark elixir. Because of it’s low hit points it’s relatively easy to kill as well.

Hog Rider

Relatively balanced in attacks and in hit points, the main attribute of the hog rider is his ability to jump over walls using his hog.

A very strong and powerful warrior. She has a good amount health points and can deal good damage with some splash in it as well. She does not have any unusual offensive attributes however, so often good base design can keep her at bay.


A tank type unit with very high hit points that explode into two upon death. The resulting golemites continue to do battle and when killed, these also explode and cause splash damage.


A summoner that raises dead warriors to aid her, she has low hit points and is best used as a support unit.


Barbarian King

The Barbarian King is much more powerful barbarian. One of only 2 immortal units, he cannot be killed. However, if he falls in battle he must sleep to regenerate his health. Because he is immortal you can only summon one unit. To smmon him you must have the Barbarian King altar.

Archer Queen

Just like the Barbarian King the Archer Queen is an immortal queen and must sleep when she falls in battle. You must have the Archer queen altar to summon her. She is a more powerful version of the archer.